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Producers, Traders, Sales Agents and End-users

                   Metaal Transport
                              Your metal logistics partner

For you, as a producer, trader, sales agent or end-user, Metaal Transport is your obvious choice in the metal logistics chain. Metaal Transport is experienced in the handling of all non-ferrous metals, steel products, metal scrap, project and general cargo

Metaal Transport is situated in the biggest port of the world, Rotterdam, and has every facility to handle all your requirements concerning metal logistics: warehousing in LME an MMTA approved warehouses, forwarding (sea, barge, road, and rail), stevedoring, shipping, customs clearance, EU-checkpoint and fiscal representation.

Our facilities are approved by London Metal Exchange (LME). Our warehouse receipts, warrants and releases are internationally accepted by major banks and insurance companies to facilitate financing and the insurance of your stock.

Fully approved by the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Minor Metals Trade Associations (MMTA)
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Metaal Transport B.V
Heijplaatweg 16
3089 JC Rotterdam
the Netherlands
Tel: +31 10 4913200
Fax: +31 10 4950850
KvK no.: 24290025
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